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Quanzhou Medical College lies on the bank of Luoyang River of Quanzhou , a cultural metropolis in the East Asia, famous hometown of overseas Chinese and well-known historical cultural city of China. It is a full-time public national exemplary (backbone) medical and health higher vocational college. In the past 80 years, the college has gradually conceived a management conception in running school upon teaching quality, talents, characteristics and scientific research, and has summoned up a college motto of “Sincerity and Dedication”. So far, the college has graduated more than 40,000 diversified professional health technical students.

  • Party and Administration Organization-
    • Office of CPC and College Affairs-
      • Office of Purchasing Management
    • Office of CPC Affairs
    • Office of Educational Administration
    • Office of Student Affairs
    • Office of Logistics Service
    • Office of Financial Affairs
    • Human Resource Office
    • Security Department
    • Office of Discipline Inspection and Audit
    • Labor Union
    • Youth League Committee
  • Teaching Organizations+
    • Department of Social Sciences
    • Department of Basic Medicine
    • Department of Clinical Medicine
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Pharmacy
    • School of Inspection and Prevention
    • School of Stomatology
    • School of Continuing Education
  • Teaching AIDS+
    • Library
    • Institute of higher vocational development
    • Research information center
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